Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

When to contact nursing home negligence lawyers

Nursing home abuse lawyers prosecute cases in which the standards of care in a permanent care facility are substandard or dangerous, resulting in potential or actual harm to the seniors housed there. There are, unfortunately, too many instances in which nursing homes fail to provide the kind of care they promise. Such instances can lead to health problems or even death.

This is a form of abuse, and it is punishable under elder law. Both criminal and civil penalties may result, and both individual and class action lawsuits can be launched. Nursing home abuse attorneys can hold the owners and managers of the facilities as well as the medical staff, including doctors and nurses, responsible.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse or neglect of the patients is the most obvious type of nursing home abuse, but it's far from the only way in which this unfortunate situation can occur. Nursing home negligence lawyers also consider a failure to provide healthcare, yet charging for it to be a form of abuse. Seniors may be double-billed or overcharged for medical care, and nursing homes may get kickbacks for referring their residents to third-party providers of drugs or medical treatment. This is illegal.

The over- or under-medication of residents can also be grounds for class action nursing home abuse lawsuits, as can health insurance fraud and misdiagnosis of illnesses or medical conditions. Abandonment, financial exploitation and even sexual abuse have also occurred in ongoing care settings.

If a loved one is in a nursing home and reports potential abuse to you, take their claims seriously. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney if you have cause to believe their complaints may be legitimate signs of a problematic or dangerous situation.

How Elderly Abuse Lawyers Help

First, you will have a confidential consultation with the attorney or the law firm in which you will discuss the particulars of the case and the evidence you currently have. From there, the attorney or legal team will determine whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit and will recommend additional steps you can take (which may include moving your loved one to a new facility).

Should your case go to trial, elderly abuse lawyers will use aggressive, proven tactics to establish the negligence of the nursing home and/or its staff. Settlements will reflect not only the money you've spent at the facility, but also the psychological, emotional and physical harm that you and your loved one have suffered.

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