Life Insurance Lawyers

When and how to hire life insurance attorneys

Insurance claims can get bogged down in red tape, and unscrupulous insurance companies sometimes even attempt to invoke technicalities in policies to avoid paying legitimate claims in full. However, the insurance industry is strictly regulated by lawmakers, and insurance companies must answer to the law if they try to shield or withhold claims. If you're trying to claim a life insurance policy and you encounter illegitimate trouble, life insurance lawyers can help you get what's rightfully coming to you.

Life insurance attorneys represent both individual clients initiating litigation against insurers as well as groups of people seeking damages via a class action lawsuit. Class action suits are launched when a company has violated life insurance laws on an ongoing basis and many claimants have been affected by their unlawful policies.

How Life Insurance Attorneys Help

First and foremost, life insurance lawyers help clients recover benefits that are being withheld from them. For example, many policies pay out a much higher amount if the holder suffered an accidental or wrongful death. To avoid paying out these greater sums, the insurance company may tie up the claim in red tape and attempt to dispute the cause of death in cases where there is some doubt as to what happened.

In other cases, the benefits of a life insurance policy comprise the lion's share of the estate of the deceased. If the person passed away without a will, their estate will pass into probate. Should this happen, you can hire probate lawyers with life insurance experience to expedite the disbursement of the deceased person's property and, if necessary, carry out executor duties.

Some life insurance attorneys even offer flexible payment structures, allowing you to pay them a percentage of your insurance claim after it's been awarded to you rather than up front. This can be extremely helpful if you're facing long, drawn-out and expensive litigation that you would not otherwise have been able to afford.

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, but only a life insurance attorney can judge whether or not their actions are unlawful and deserving of a lawsuit. If you are having trouble making a claim or getting your just due from a policy, contact one to arrange a consultation.

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