Insurance Lawyers

Hire insurance litigation lawyers to get what you're owed

If you've ever had to file a major insurance claim, you know that insurance companies put so much red tape between you and the money you're owed that it can take months or years to wrest it away from them. In some cases, the insurance companies even dispute or refuse to pay legitimate claims. If this happens to you, insurance lawyers can help you recover the money you're entitled to.

Insurance attorneys are, essentially, a type of civil law specialist. As such, you should consult legal professionals who specialize in the type of claim you're trying to make. For example, stick with life insurance lawyers if you're having a hard time claiming the benefits of a deceased loved one and use health insurance lawyers if you're seeking coverage or reimbursement for medical expenses. There are as many types of specialist insurance attorneys as there are types of insurance; the list includes property insurance lawyers, disability insurance attorneys, auto insurance lawyers and many others.

How Insurance Litigation Lawyers Can Help

The insurance industry is regulated and must follow protocols set forth by federal, state and provincial law. One possible reason to launch a lawsuit against an insurance company is if there is evidence to suggest they are not operating within these regulations regarding a policy or a claim. In such a case, an insurance attorney will help you recover the money you've paid into a falsely represented policy or get that long-delayed claims check.

A second common reason for initiating insurance litigation is if you have submitted a claim you believe to be legitimate and the insurance company has rejected it. Insurance claims lawyers may be able to help you get an injunction that upholds your claim and forces the insurance company to pay you what you're owed.

Find an Insurance Attorney

As with business attorneys, criminal defense lawyers and other legal specialists, you want to hire someone who has recently had success handling a similar case. While experience is certainly an asset, you may be able to save some money by hiring a younger lawyer who is hungry for success. They can be tenacious and extremely effective representatives, and most are willing to go the extra mile for their clients in an effort to build a name for themselves.

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