Child Support Lawyers

How to find the right child support legal advice

For many people, the biggest concern in a divorce is the well-being of their children. Others try to dodge their financial responsibilities to their kids. In either case, child support lawyers respect the interests of the children while ensuring that the financial settlement is a fair one for all involved. Not every lawyer will be suited to your case, so you'll have to assess your particular circumstances before you can find the most appropriate child support legal advice for you. Learn what to look for in a child support lawyer, including what criteria should act as your basis for comparison.

The Responsibilities of Child Support Attorneys

While they are often intertwined with divorce cases, child support cases handle different issues. When it comes to child support, marital status really plays no role. Instead, the two parents of a child have a financial responsibility to that child, regardless of their relationship to each other.

A child support order outlines the deal, including when, how often and how much child support money is to be paid to the custodial parent (the parent who has primary custody). A good child-support lawyer will be able to arrange for a reasonable settlement, ensuring that food, clothing and other necessities can be provided. For parents who don't assume custody, a child support attorney can help ensure that they don't overpay child support.

Find the Right Child Support Lawyer

To get the best service, consider only those lawyers who specialize in family law. While many lawyers claim to specialize in a few areas, there are no regulations that guide the definition of a specialty in law, so they may not have the qualifications or experience that you would expect. Experienced child support attorneys who only handle divorce, custody and child support cases are more likely to have seen cases like yours and, in turn, to have developed effective approaches to a fair conclusion.

Some cases are fairly straightforward: a husband and wife divorce, child custody is decided and a fair child-support settlement is determined. Unfortunately, many more are wrought with tension, denial and frustration surrounding legal obligation to the child in question. In cases where paternity is not clear or not accepted, paternity lawyers will be the best equipped to determine the specific aspects of a state's paternity law and sort out legal paternal responsibilities.

Once a biological relationship is established, the parent is legally obliged to pay child support. But are stepfathers or presumed fathers required to pay child support? Well, the answer is not a simple one, and there are several elements that each play a role in determining what constitutes paternal responsibility. A good paternity lawyer will have experience in cases that are very similar to yours and a thorough knowledge of specific state laws. The more experience they have, the quicker they will be able to enforce paternity or transfer parental rights.

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