Bankruptcy Lawyers

Navigate your filing with the help of bankruptcy law attorneys

Declaring bankruptcy can be a very complex process, with piles of paperwork and the statute of limitations adding more pressure to your serious financial concerns. Luckily, bankruptcy lawyers are able to simplify the process with their thorough knowledge of the filing procedure and specific state laws. However, the best bankruptcy lawyer for you will not only have relevant experience, but will also have an agreeable personality and consideration for your case. Learn what to look for in legal representation during a potentially difficult time, and how to get a fresh financial start with the right bankruptcy attorney for your unique situation.

How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

Bankruptcy is a specific financial issue, and a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy law will likely have a better grasp of the rules and regulations than a lawyer with a more general practice. Bankruptcy attorneys understand the foundations of bankruptcy law, and they should have an up-to-date awareness of changing regulations and the latest court rulings that may apply to your case.

An important part of the bankruptcy process is the initial consultation to decide if this truly is your best option. An attorney can definitely help if you need to file for bankruptcy, but can you trust that they'll give you an honest opinion? Since lawyers get paid only if they work the case, some may not offer objective advice. To avoid this issue, consider paying for your initial consultation or obtaining more than one legal opinion before you move forward.

Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

Experience is an important element in your choice—a lawyer who has several years of experience in bankruptcy law will likely have more expertise and knowledge to apply to your case. But since time is of the essence in a bankruptcy case, you'll also want to make sure your lawyer is punctual and organized.

The process of claiming bankruptcy requires a variety of forms to be filled out properly and submitted promptly—a missed deadline can result in a big waste of time, as you may need to start the process over. While many bankruptcy law attorneys are capable lawyers, some are not able to juggle another case on top of their current caseload. When you interview attorneys, be sure to ask them how many cases they are currently working on, and whether they will be able to give you the attention you need or plan to pass your case down to a junior attorney or other staff member.

Although fee is important, it is not the only matter at hand when you're choosing an attorney. A cheap bankruptcy lawyer may save you a few dollars now, but their lack of expertise or attention could fail to help your long-term financial situation. Consider your legal representation to be an investment in your future, and favor experience and skill over price, if you can.

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