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Traffic Tickets

Strategies for fighting traffic tickets

Traffic laws are numerous, so if you're a driver, there's a good chance that you will eventually incur a traffic ticket. Whether it is a moving violation or a non-moving violation, you may be able to challenge the ticket and avoid the fine or other punishment. Most minor violations are deemed civil infractions and are fairly easy to handle; on the other hand, serious violations can lead to serious legal consequences that require an attorney's expertise.

When it comes to traffic tickets, the legal system can be your friend or foe depending on how you proceed and what methods you choose to employ in your case. Although a minor violation may carry a small fine, it has the potential to affect your record and your insurance—if you feel that the ticket is worth fighting, then you should know how expert advice can make a difference in your case.

Fighting Traffic Tickets

In many cases, traffic violations are subjective—the conclusion the police officer came to was based on what they saw and how they interpreted the situation. As far as speeding tickets are concerned, some states treat the posted limit as a strong suggestion for safe driving, and in these circumstances your carefully calculated challenge of what constitutes "safe driving" can earn you a pardon.

But what if the violation is simply based on observation or involves a serious, indisputable offence like a DUI? Cases that rest on your version versus the officer's version need to be approached with appropriate evidence and a carefully constructed argument that tips the balance in your favor or reduces the severity of your action in the eyes of the court.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you decide to contest a traffic ticket, you will need to officially make a plea before the court. Although "guilty" and "not guilty" are the two most familiar options, less common pleas do exist that may work in your favor. The plea is the first area in which a lawyer can help you out; they may be able to suggest a slightly unorthodox course of action, or get you prepared for the trial that will follow a "not guilty" plea.

As soon as you plead not guilty to a traffic violation, you commit to a court proceeding. While you can choose to represent your own case, a traffic tickets lawyer will undoubtedly have the knowledge and tact to make a strong argument on your behalf or successfully negotiate a reasonable outcome.

The ticket will carry a list of elements—those facts that must be proven in order for the judge to find you guilty of the violation. Some elements will be objective, while others will be subjective, and they will combine with the evidence against you as well as with any special circumstances that may help to defend your actions. While any evidence you collect will definitely help you fight traffic tickets, you need to know how to present this evidence effectively. A lawyer who has experience with traffic citations similar to yours will surely make a positive difference in the outcome of your case.

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