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Lemon Law

Lemon law attorneys can help if you're saddled with a defective vehicle

Unfortunately, the purchase of a malfunctioning car is not uncommon. However, if you are unlucky enough to wind up with a vehicle that is perpetually faulty, there is a good chance that your money can be restored through lemon law arbitration. An automobile lemon law can be enforced by either the federal or state government, and although the specific laws can differ, most offer rights to consumers that exceed the terms of the warranty that accompanies the purchase.

While it's possible to proceed on your own, the process of filing your complaint will require time, effort and research. Consider how a lemon law attorney can simplify the process and help you get the refund or replacement that you deserve.

About Car Lemon Law

A lemon law can apply when the manufacturer and/or the seller breaks the terms of their warranty, meaning that the vehicle has not performed properly for a guaranteed length of time. In this way, the lemon law is closely related to other consumer rights laws, like construction defects, that are designed to protect the consumer from money lost and stress gained with poorly manufactured products. In general, new cars will have an express warranty, but used cars often come without a warranty; in both cases, a state lemon law may be able to reimburse you or get you a comparable replacement vehicle.

Since the first California lemon law in 1982, each state has adopted certain lemon laws to help consumers who have purchased new cars with manufacturing errors. Some states also have lemon laws that extend to used vehicles, though these are often limited. What particular lemon law applies is determined by whether the car is under warranty, certified by the manufacturer or has a history of undisclosed mechanical problems. And since state lemon laws can vary widely, lemon law attorneys will be able to determine which course of action is best for you.

Lemon Lawyers

Depending on the type of claim you file, pursuing a refund or replacement through a state lemon law can be a long and complicated process. There is a certain degree of subjectivity involved with lemon laws—what exactly qualifies as a lemon in your state? Does your mileage and maintenance history exclude you from lemon laws? Right from the start, an attorney can determine the swiftest and most beneficial course of action.

Lemon law attorneys are familiar with the legal process and the courts involved, including the host of deadlines and filing requirements. Moreover, they will be able to suggest another plan of action if your vehicle doesn't qualify for your state's lemon law reimbursement, whether it's a federal warranty act, the Uniform Commercial Code or another compensatory program. A defective vehicle can severely affect your work and life, and legal counsel is the fastest way to get the issue resolved and get back on the road.

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