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Transportation Law

How transportation and driving laws affect you

Transportation law covers a wide range of vehicle and infrastructure aspects, from traffic violations to the relationship between public-transportation drivers and their passengers. Given the often congested and complex driving system in the United States, there are many driving laws that directly apply to every driver at all times, and a familiarity with these laws is your best defense against violations and accidents. When violations do occur, the way to proceed depends on a number of factors, so it's a good idea to learn about the elements involved in transportation law and the best approach to resolve legal issues.

Traffic Laws

Minor traffic tickets, such as parking violations, will likely only bring a fine, while more major offenses can have a significant effect on your driving record and your insurance. However, the consequences of a traffic ticket are not set in stone—a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and a careful approach to the situation can result in a welcome pardon.

Keep in mind that many laws are enforced based on subjective interpretation, and if you can prove that the violation is based on a faulty interpretation, you'll escape the punishment. But how easy is it to get out of a ticket? Well, that depends on the specific violation and your degree of knowledge: Are you familiar with the precise details of the law in question? Are you able to devise a persuasive argument? This can be a difficult feat, and you may find that the involved procedures and fine details are beyond your capacity; an expert attorney can ensure an efficient and effective legal process.

Vehicle Laws

Although traffic laws involving interactions between drivers are particularly relevant to everyday driving, there are also laws that serve to protect the purchase, quality and safety of a vehicle. Strict measures exist to ensure that vehicles remain safe for passengers, other drivers on the road and the environment, and violation of these measures can lead to steep fines. But in some cases, a violation can be attributed to the vehicle manufacturer instead of the driver, resulting in a different legal approach.

Lemon law exists at both the federal and state levels to reimburse the buyer for a mechanically malfunctioning car. Although the laws change from state to state, there is likely some action that you can take if you can prove that a car you purchased fails to live up to vehicle standards. Like other transport laws, lemon law can be a drawn-out affair, and a significant amount of time and effort can lead to a disappointing outcome if you are missing any pertinent documentation.

Transportation is an important element of work and lifestyle, and a poorly contested ticket or an insufficient filing can lead to excessive fees without the resolution that you deserve. Consider the services of an experienced traffic lawyer to help you understand your case and negotiate on your behalf.

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