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Cruise Ship Injuries

What to do if you've had a cruise ship accident

The vast majority of cruise holidays are comfortable and relaxing, creating fond memories that last for years. However, some travelers are not so lucky and wind up suffering cruise ship injuries as the result of the negligent actions of the ship's captain, crew or hospitality staff.

A cruise ship injury can occur in countless ways. However, for a cruise ship accident or incident to be grounds for a lawsuit, two elements must be part of your case: the incident must have led to significant physical injury, psychological distress or both; also, it must have resulted directly from the negligent actions (or lack of action) of a person who ignored his or her legal duty not to endanger others.

Common Types of Cruise Ship Accidents

Passenger endangerment and illness are the two most common reasons people seek to initiate lawsuits against cruise lines. Endangerment can include a wide range of incidents, from failing to respond properly to unsettled conditions or violent weather to improper staff conduct, unsafe entertainment venues and injuries resulting from inadequate on-board safety measures. Slip and fall accidents are fairly common on cruise ships, but for an incident to qualify as grounds for a lawsuit, it must have occurred as the result of staff or crew negligence.

Claims based on passenger illness are also fairly common, and can include anything from food poisoning to improper medical treatment. Cruise ships typically have doctors on staff, but their resources and treatment facilities can be limited and it is sometimes necessary to treat medical emergencies at hospitals in ports of call. If medical malpractice occurs, either on board or at a land hospital, the cruise line can be held legally responsible in some circumstances.

How a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Can Help

If you became ill or suffered an injury during your vacation which you believe was the direct result of a negligent action, your first move should be to contact a cruise ship lawyer.

Cruise ship accident attorneys have valuable experience and are excellent judges of whether or not you have a case. It is important to note that the fine print on your cruise ship ticket creates exclusions and immunities which must be proven invalid in order for you to have a legitimate case. You must also show that the extent of your pain and suffering was inadequately acknowledged by any attempts on the part of the cruise line to compensate you (with refunds and/or free tickets, for example).

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