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Aviation Accidents

How to seek legal damages after aircraft accidents

Aviation accidents can be devastating, and those who are lucky enough to survive such crashes are often left with serious, even life-changing injuries. If you or someone you care about was lost or seriously injured in a plane crash or helicopter crash, you may be entitled to legal damages.

When airplane accidents are caused by the negligence of the pilot, crew, maintenance staff or the airline, victims are entitled to sue. In any lawsuit involving aircraft accidents, it will be the responsibility of the lawyers representing the plaintiff(s) to prove that the negligent actions of the defendant(s) led directly to the disaster.

Negligent Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Plane crashes and helicopter crashes can be caused by all sorts of things: bad weather, disorientation, mechanical breakdowns, pilot error. Not all of them are grounds for a lawsuit.

As with any kind of civil lawsuit, from wrongful termination cases to slip and fall accidents, the key to securing a judgment in favor of the plaintiff(s) is proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the negligence of the defendant(s) was to blame for the crash.

In order for negligence to be established in a court of law, it must be shown that the defendant(s) did not adhere to their legal duty of care obligations. This means they must not have shown a reasonable regard for their responsibilities despite recognizing the potential for harm to other people. Proving this can be very complicated, which is why you'll need to hire an attorney.

Initiate a Lawsuit After a Plane Crash

While a judge can award you a settlement solely on the basis of third party negligence, it is much easier to do if you are able to quantify and document your losses. When hard numbers are reliably documented, you're also more likely to get a fair settlement. Thus, if you survived a plane crash, it is very important that you keep records detailing the cost of your medical treatments, rehabilitation and medications. Keep a journal that details any pain and suffering you go through on a daily basis. Document the amount of time you are away from work and the extent of the resultant earnings losses.

Contact an attorney who has experience with personal injury cases (ideally one who specializes in representing victims of vehicle crashes). Discuss your case in full detail with the attorney, who will then be able to advise you of whether or not you have reasonable grounds to sue.

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