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Immigration Law

Prevent deportation and hire an immigration lawyer

Immigration law plays an important role in American governance, as it controls the largest and most important aspect of society—the population. There are various ways that a person can gain temporary or permanent citizenship in this country, such as a certificate of naturalization, permanent resident card ("green card") or visa. The method to use will depend on your unique situation, but each requires plenty of research, paperwork and guidance. Whether you need to survey your options, work through unfamiliar paperwork or uphold your rights in the face of a threatening force, an immigration law firm can help you resolve complications and retain your citizenship.

Immigration law can overlap with other legal areas, such as human rights and labor law, as it guides the settlement of people from all different walks of life. Immigration status can be granted for many reasons, including family reunification, asylum and work skills that are in demand; the reason for your immigration will determine how you should proceed.

The immigration process is far from simple. Proof of relationship, education, or persecution and suffering is the first step, but there are also medical, political and sponsorship criteria to satisfy before you can safely and legally settle in the country. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be tough to deal with, and any blemishes in your background may work against your case. In many instances, it's a wise idea to hire a lawyer in order to complete the paperwork promptly and correctly, especially if you or your loved ones need an extended stay or have been threatened with deportation.

How Immigration Lawyers Can Help

Deportation is a controversial issue in immigration law; the reasons for deportation are fairly extensive and may seem unfair to some residents. Common acts that lead to legal deportation include having a criminal record, performing subversive acts against the government or a failing to obtain legal residency. There is a degree of subjectivity that surrounds the decision to deport, and a lawyer can help tip the balance in your favor. Additionally, if you have been forced to leave the United States, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't come back—with an attorney's advice and representation, you may be able to immigrate again.

Time plays a crucial role at every step of the immigration process. Your immigration status may be threatened if you delay your application, wait too long for a response from USCIS or must handle the legal consequences of a dissolved marriage. Indeed, there are several aspects of immigration law that operate under strict time limits, and in these cases, you need to consult an experienced lawyer as soon as possible in order to get through the complicated procedures and prove to the courts that you deserve to stay. Even if your situation seems grim, immigration law offices are committed to helping you overcome the danger that threatens your family's stability.

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