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Adoption Law

Navigating the world of family adoption law

For good-intentioned would-be parents who are simply looking to add a new child to a loving family, adoption law can be very complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. However, family adoption laws are in place to ensure that both the child and his or her adoptive parents are fully protected.

International child adoption laws present parents with even more legal challenges, since both local authorities as well as the authorities in the child's home country must be satisfied. If you are planning to go the adoption route, family lawyers can help you make your way through the process more quickly and efficiently.

About the Adoption Process

The process of adopting a child can take years to complete. First, you have to determine your eligibility and file an application with an adoption agency. You have the choice of using a public agency (which won't charge you any fees but usually has much longer waiting periods) or a private agency (which may charge thousands of dollars in fees but usually has much shorter wait times).

Public agencies are concerned solely about placing children in the best possible situations and do not take the preferences of would-be parents into account nearly as much as private agencies do. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to look into your options at both public and private agencies before making a decision.

How an Adoption Attorney Can Help

The role of an adoption lawyer is to help the child's birth parents legally offer their child for adoption as well as help prospective new parents become the legal guardians of their new son or daughter. Adoption attorneys are also excellent advisers and can help you weigh your options as well as the costs and legal issues involved in all the routes available to you.

The attorney will also handle the filing of all necessary adoption papers, notifications of legal name change and all other documents required to finalize things. Finally, attorneys can also help adoptive parents reach legally binding agreements with the child's birth parents that control or eliminate their contact with their son or daughter.

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