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Environmental Law

What you need to know about environmental law firms

With the rise of the green movement, environmental law has gained the attention of government, businesses and individuals alike. Broadly speaking, environmental policy seeks to decrease people's negative effect on the natural environment by setting rules and limits upon their actions. In this way, environmental law is intimately connected to everyone's life. Whether acting as a business or an individual, you need to abide by these rules and should expect that everyone else will, as well. Consult with a lawyer to ensure that your actions do not violate environmental policy, or if you suspect that your health has been affected by unlawful environmental practices.

About Environmental Law

The two main areas of environmental law and policy are pollution control and resource management, and they may overlap with development and real estate law regarding infrastructure and land use. In some cases, environmental policy blends with health issues that may ordinarily be categorized under personal injury law or human rights law. The overuse or misuse of resources can have a direct impact on human health as well as environmental health, and there have been several legal precedents set in the United States that have had positive environmental impacts beyond the particular cases. An experienced attorney will know how these precedents can work for you.

When to Hire an Environmental Lawyer

While government regulations are important to maintain the compromise between business, individual advocates and the environment, principles of common law tend to focus on environmental disputes like nuisance or negligence that are not covered under federal statutes. So while many legal battles concern big agencies and international activity that threatens the collective health of humanity, there are certainly instances where environmental law firms focus their efforts on local, individual actions.

An advocate group that rallies for a given environmental issue will find that the knowledge and advice that a lawyer can provide will help them clarify and deliver their position with power as well as urgency. There are numerous state laws and regulations that could apply to your case, but the average citizen has neither the time nor the skills to dissect the documents and isolate the helpful clauses. Claims may be filed against manufacturers, property owners or insurance companies; a lawyer can determine the appropriate target of your lawsuit and assess your chances of success.

Environmental contamination affects every individual, and if you suspect that your suffering has been caused by environmental manipulation, you could have a case for the courts. Environmental lawyers help individuals claim damages, depending on the type of contamination and the level of damage. A damages case is often a particularly long and involved process that requires a lot of research to organize. The statute of limitations in your state may offer you a relatively small window of time in which you can file your claim, so contact an environmental lawyer as soon as possible.

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