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Labor Law

Ensure labor law compliance

Labor laws typically deal with the relationships between employers and unions, including worker and workplace rights and responsibilities. The National Labor Relations Act established these laws to equalize the bargaining power between employers and unions, preventing unfair tactics and promoting good faith collective bargaining. Labor laws grant employees the right to unionize and engage in other activities like striking and picketing to have their demands met; when these laws are not respected, legal expertise will be your best step towards protection, resolution and compensation.

Aspects of Labor Law

Labor law has always been an arena for conflict, and many issues between the employer and its employees require firm and competent negotiation tactics. Labor lawyers are responsible for protecting the employees from unfair practices, from wages to workers compensation to discrimination towards a specific group of workers. On the other hand, they can also be called upon to counsel employers on labor practices and collective bargaining techniques, or represent them in unfair labor practice proceedings.

For the employee, a labor attorney will be an important weapon in your fight against discrimination, whistleblowing, harassment or wrongful termination. A labor lawyer can inform you of your legal rights and whether you are entitled to compensation for a violation of any of those rights. Even if you don't think the issue is very serious, an employee who is victimized by their superiors will benefit from the advice and representation of a labor lawyer who has experience in the particular area of labor law that concerns your situation.

Labor Law Compliance

Essentially, federal labor law acts as the required foundation, providing minimum standards and rights; state labor law can elaborate on this base, and states are often responsible for enforcing the laws. Ultimately, the contract of employment between employer and employee will clearly outline these rights, and any future bargaining will be based on the established agreement.

A misstep in hiring, firing or employee treatment can result in lawsuits that will harm your business and your personal finances, so thorough and current employee information will be the first precautionary measure to take. Begin with labor law posters to display around the workplace, which are often necessary to satisfy state, federal and OSHA standards. You will also need a current employee handbook with a detailed anti-harassment policy, along with a method to request employee feedback and evaluate employee job performance at regular intervals.

The process of hiring can be a delicate one, as there is a multitude of changing regulations with which to comply while you look for the best employee for the job—an experienced labor lawyer can help you navigate the labor laws to ensure you make the best moves for your business and respect for your employees.

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