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Service Agreements

Forms and templates for contractor agreements

There are many professional situations which call for service agreements. If you're an independent contractor and you hire yourself out to clients, it is essential that you have service contracts in place to ensure you are properly compensated for your time and labor. On the other hand, if you are hiring someone to do any kind of work for you, it is very important that you create a performance contract that explicitly spells out what is expected of that individual.

The specifics of service contracts and contractor agreements vary depending on the nature of the work to be performed. A cleaning services agreement, for example, will spell out which rooms of your home will be cleaned, how frequently they'll be serviced, and what rate will be paid to the cleaner or cleaning company. By contrast, a child care services agreement may require terms that are more flexible, as hours may need to be extended or rolled back depending on parental commitments.

Types of Service Agreements

Instead of going to the effort and expense of hiring an attorney to draw up individual service agreements for you, you can find and download standard contractor agreements forms on the Internet. Some of your options include:

Essential Features of Service Agreements

Contractor agreements are designed to protect the interests of all parties involved. They should describe the exact nature of the services to be provided in as much detail as is necessary to create full, complete and mutually agreed-upon terms. Compensation, whether based on time or a flat rate, must be explicitly indicated. The time frame for the services to be provided must also be given; if the services are to be provided on an ongoing basis, a clause indicating what the employer must do to terminate the contract should also be included.

Note that all local labor laws and regulations must be observed, even if you are personally hiring a contractor to perform work on private property. You risk invalidating the entire contract in the eyes of a court of law if you fail to properly compensate your employees or adhere to labor regulations in your jurisdiction. 

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