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Sales Forms

Bills of sale, invoice forms and more

Sales forms and sales contracts can be used to finalize all sorts of commercial and private purchase agreements. For private individuals, a bill of sale can be used to facilitate a significant transaction, such as the sale of a car or expensive piece of machinery or equipment. In the business world, invoice forms and purchase agreements can be used for payroll, accounting or acquisition purposes.

Regardless of whether you are in the position of the buyer or the seller, sales agreements protect your interests. They are used if a sale is contingent upon the meeting of certain conditions, if financing is complex or if the purchase price will be paid in installments.

Types of Sales Forms and Sales Contracts

For efficiency and convenience, you can download and use a wide range of sales forms from the Internet, including:

  • Bills of sale. A bill of sale is a form used to formally transfer the ownership of a significant piece of property from one party to another. It is legally required for the sale of certain assets (such as cars and boats) to become official.
  • Invoice forms. An invoice form can be used when you need to bill another company for products or services, or as part of a contractor agreement in which you log your labor and bill the company for payment.
  • Purchase agreements. For major transactions, a purchase agreement is used to specify exactly which assets are changing hands, the sale price, and the financing and payment arrangement to which the parties have agreed.
  • Purchase orders. When you are placing an order with a supplier, a standard purchase order can facilitate a smooth, error-free transaction between both parties.
  • Quitclaims. For certain transactions, a quitclaim deed may be required to complete a sale. In a quitclaim, the seller formally relinquishes any and all claim to ownership of the asset.
  • Warranty deeds. These sales forms are unique to real estate transactions. A real estate warranty deed legally defends a buyer's claim to the property title.

Selling a major private or commercial asset can be a complex undertaking. These forms protect your interests and ensure that both buyer and seller conduct themselves with good faith.

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