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Lease Forms

Find forms for lease agreements and amendments

Lease forms that define the terms of rental and sublease agreements are very important for property owners as well as tenants. The importance of a lease agreement is that it protects both parties, as it ensures that the terms and conditions of a lease arrangement are in writing should a dispute ever arise.

For lease contracts to be legally binding, they must be signed by both parties, and all the terms they contain must adhere to local laws. For example, some states and provinces allow landlords to ban pets from their properties, while others do not. To ensure your lease agreement isn't invalidated by such technicalities, it's important that the forms you use are designed for the region in which you live.

Types of Lease Forms

A standard commercial lease agreement or residential lease agreement is fairly straightforward. These documents spell out the terms and conditions attached to the renter's inhabitance of the property, the amount of rent that is payable and which utilities (if any) are the renter's responsibility.

You can also get a letter of intent to lease a property, and present standard forms to an owner or administrator with an offer to lease a given property.

Some landlords allow their tenants to manage their own subleasing or subletting, should the need ever arise, but others are justified to forbid their tenants to sublet the property without their knowledge and expressed consent. In the latter case, you need to present the property owner with a landlords consent to sublease form and get written permission to sublet the premises before proceeding. In all cases, you should have a formal contract with the subtenant to ensure you are not held responsible for any failure on their part to meet their obligations. Finally, you can also use online lease application and lease amendment forms if you want a formal means to screen tenants or to make any mutually agreed-upon changes to existing agreements.

Using standard forms can save you a lot of money because they can prevent the need for you to hire an attorney. Online lease forms are legally binding and will be recognized in court if a dispute should arise.

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