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Intellectual Property Forms

Intellectual property forms and templates

The protection of intellectual property is extremely important to the success of any entrepreneurial venture. In order to safeguard your ideas, processes and products during their development, it is important that you can prove the property originated with you or your company. Intellectual property forms are a fast, easy and inexpensive way to register ownership of your ideas and create the vital protection you'll need to make sure your exciting and potentially lucrative ideas do not fall into the wrong hands.

Protecting your intellectual property may include registering patents, enacting trade name assignments and ensuring employee compliance through confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements. These agreements and documents must be legally binding, which leaves you with two choices: hire a lawyer to draft them for you, or use standardized legal forms which are available for download. The latter option is just as effective, far less time-consuming and much more affordable.

Types of Intellectual Property Forms Available Online

Here's how the various intellectual property forms work to protect your interests:

  • Confidentiality agreements. Sometimes substituted by a non disclosure agreement, a confidentiality agreement is a type of legal contract in which an employee agrees not to release proprietary information, trade secrets or intellectual property to any third parties for the duration of the contract.
  • Trademark assignments. The purpose of a trademark assignment form is to transfer the legal rights to trademarked property from its current owner to another entity.
  • Software license agreements. Also known as an EULA, or end-user license agreement, a software license agreement is used to legally define the ways in which a piece of software can and cannot be used. These agreements are typically digital and require the end user to click on a button to accept the terms and conditions, but they are also available in hard-copy form.

You can also use online resources to perform both simple and comprehensive trademark searches, if you are branding a new product and want to see if your preferred brand name is available. While these services are also available through third parties, it is less expensive and more efficient to do the search yourself.

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