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HR Forms

Employment contracts and other HR forms

In larger companies, human resources matters are formalized to a significant degree. This is for professional as well as legal reasons. Many management-employee communications must be put in writing, and standardized HR forms are excellent time-saving tools.

Using templates for your human resources forms saves your department the laborious and tedious task of creating them from scratch. All you need to do is add some specifics to tailor them to your organization. For example, you can use a standardized employee warning letter and simply substitute in the specific details of the transgression as it is described in your company's employee handbooks, training manuals or company bylaws.

You can also access legal forms if you need to offer employment contracts to applicants and new hires.

Common HR Forms and Their Uses

Typical human resources forms that your company may require include:

  • Compensation agreement forms. While this information may be included in a formal offer of employment, separate compensation agreements can be made if the terms of the salary or wage are complex or dependent upon performance.
  • Confidentiality agreement forms. If the nature of your business is sensitive, and you have a lot to lose if certain information falls into the wrong hands, you are well within your rights to require all employees to sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Employee evaluation forms. Performance reviews are standard in many workplaces, and these forms help you track employee performance and ensure professional goals are being met.
  • Employment offer letter templates. Using a template for your offer letters can save your HR department a lot of time and effort while ensuring consistency.
  • Employee warning letter templates. If an employee must be warned about his or her conduct, you can use this type of template. Employment law often requires documentation of previous transgressions in order to terminate an employee.
  • Employment termination letter templates. If you need to fire an employee, this type of template ensures you do so in a professional and legally responsible manner.

It is very important that you deal with human resources matters in a courteous and professional way. HR forms are an excellent tool that you can use to standardize communications and make sure that employees and management are on the same page at all times.

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