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Eviction Notices

Legal notice of termination forms for leases

While lucky landlords never have to worry about handing out eviction notices, there are situations in which kicking out a tenant becomes unavoidable. However, many jurisdictions require landlords to attempt to resolve the situation prior to issuing an eviction notice, and you typically must express these efforts in writing.

Lease notices that address the termination of a rental agreement are available online, and by downloading them, you can save yourself the expense of hiring an attorney to write a notice for you. This is a strategy used by many landlords, though you must be careful to ensure that the forms you use adhere to local landlord-tenant laws and regulations. These can vary widely, even on the municipal level.

Notices of Termination

Both landlords and tenants can use notice of termination forms. Landlords can issue eviction notices to tenants when they have no recourse other than legally forcing the tenant off the property, and tenants can use a notice of termination to get themselves out of a lease if there are legal grounds to do so.

If property damage is the main grounds for the eviction, you may be required to give your tenant a notice to repair the damage before you can legally kick him or her out. Things have changed a lot in recent decades; it is no longer lawful for landlords to independently make such decisions about tenancies. You can also use a notice of lease violation form if the transgression is not related to property damage, but to tenant behavior.

If you are a renter, you should be aware that you are protected by the law in the event that your landlord or building administrator does not provide you with a lawfully sound place to live. Should such a situation arise, you can use a notice of intent to vacate form to let the landlord know, in writing, of your intent to leave and why you are vacating prior to the completion of the lease period.

Using standard eviction notices and related forms can save you a lot of money in legal fees, so long as they are applicable to the situation at hand and conform to legal regulations in your jurisdiction.

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