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Entertainment Contracts

Forms and templates for entertainment contracts

If you're aspiring to a career in the entertainment industry, you're probably thrilled at the prospect of signing a contract with a talent manager, agent or company. Many professionals use standard entertainment contracts to secure new talent. You can also use an entertainment contract to define the terms of a creative collective, as musicians would when forming a band partnership agreement.

While many entertainment lawyers work for a percentage of the artist's earnings, the vast majority of these attorneys will only work with established talent in this manner. If you've just gotten your first break and you need a model release, music recording contract or performance contract, you would have to pay a lawyer an hourly rate. To save money, use standard entertainment forms available for download on the Internet to ensure you're covered.

Types of Entertainment Contracts

The most frequently used entertainment contracts include:

  • Band partnership agreements. A band partnership agreement defines what each group member is entitled to in terms of royalties, record sales, performance proceeds and money earned by signing a recording contract.
  • Music recording contracts. A music recording contract will stipulate the volume of material to be recorded, the length of time the artist is under contract to the recording studio or record company, and the amount the artist is to be paid (which is typically a combination of a flat fee plus a percentage of sales royalties).
  • Release forms. If you are submitting your work for a professional to read, view or listen to, you usually have to sign a release form permitting that person to do so and clearing him or her of any responsibility in the event that your material is copied or stolen. A model and entertainment release form is used in the modeling industry to release your image rights for circulation.
  • Management contracts. In many branches of the entertainment industry, you need a manager or agent behind you to get your break. Typically, management contracts are valid for a specified period of time (usually one or two years) and demand that you pay your representative a percentage of your earnings (anywhere from 5 to 20 percent). In most cases, 10 percent is standard.
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