Frequently asked questions

What is Lawyer Insight?

Laywer Insight is a one-stop legal resource. We have a library of articles that will give you the information you need to understand your unique legal situation. Once you've done your background reading, it's time to take action! We can connect you with a local lawyer who can evaluate your criminal, bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury or DUI case. If you'd rather take charge of matters on your own, you can browse our extensive collection of printable and downloadable legal documents.

Find A Lawyer FAQ

How does the Find A Lawyer service work?

Lawyer Insight has paired with many of the leading attorneys in the field of law. When you provide us with a bit of information about your legal situation, we can provide you with free, no-obligation quotes from our network of legal professionals.

How do I get matched to a lawyer?

We use the information that you provide us to match you with local attorneys. Think of our questions as a free initial consultation with a lawyer. We get some information about your legal situation and then we look for lawyers who want to take on your case. You are then free to select whichever lawyer you prefer. You are under no obligation to choose any of the lawyers that we present to you.

Legal Documents FAQ

How do I download and/or print legal documents?

To browse our extensive database of do-it-yourself legal documents, click on the Legal Documents link at the top of this page. Next, use the navigation on the right of your page to find the document that you need. When you have found the correct document, fill out the form on your screen. This is necessary so that we can customize the legal document for you. Typically, we ask a few simple questions about where you live and what you need the legal form to say. When everything is filled out, click View Results. At this point, you will be able to purchase a license that will allow you to download and/or print your customized legal document.

What is the difference between a single use license and a multiple use license?

A single use license gives you the right to one use of a particular legal document. For a period of two weeks, you can add or change the information that you provide us for use on the document. On the other hand, a multiple use license entitles you to unlimited use of a particular legal document for an entire year.

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